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Explore practical guides and ideas

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Sustainable Living Action Pack for Neighbourhoods in Québec (2024)

A fun guide to help residents of Québec, Canada engage with their neighbours in climate- and planet-friendly living.

6 Motivations for Sustainable Living Action in Québec (2024)

Explore the mix of motivations for sustainable living behaviours, with insights that help communities, policymakers and businesses normalize these actions among diverse audiences in Québec.

 6 motivations pour un mode de vie plus écoresponsable au Québec (2024)

Explorer l’ensemble des motivations pour des comportements de vie durable, avec des idées qui aident les communautés, les décideurs politiques et les entreprises à normaliser ces actions auprès de divers publics au Québec.

Le guide pour un mode de vie plus coresponsable dans les quartiers du Québec (2024)

Un guide amusant pour encourager l’engagement entre voisins versun mode de vie plus respectueux de l’environnement et de la plan te!

7 Motivations for Lighter Living Action in British Columbia (2021)

Explore the mix of motivations for lighter living behaviours, with insights that help communities, policymakers and businesses normalize these actions among diverse audiences in Canada.

Lighter Living Action Pack for Neighbourhoods in BC (2021)

A fun guide to help residents of British Columbia, Canada engage with their neighbours in climate- and planet-friendly living.

How to Talk with Policymakers About 1.5 Degree Lifestyles (2022)

A toolkit for communicating lifestyle and behaviour changes to inspire bold climate action in the European Union.

Sustainable Lifestyles: Options & Opportunities (2018)

Proven actions that community groups can take to create and inspire more sustainable lifestyles.

Sustainable Lifestyles: Options & Opportunities in the Workplace (2018)

Proven actions that community groups can take to create and inspire more sustainable lifestyles among employees.

Eco-Strata Guide (2009)

A guide to greening multi-family dwellings in Metro Vancouver, Canada.

Co-Creating Sustainable Ways of Living: 17 Stories of On-the-Ground Innovations (2020)

17 projects investigating and testing pathways to sustainable living in the Global South.

Our Ecological Footprint: Reducing Human Impact on the Earth (1996)

A handbook detailing the ecological footprint tool for measuring and visualizing the resources required to sustain our households, communities, regions and nations.

North American Actor and Activity Map on Sustainable Consumption and Production (2011)

An overview of the actors and networks designing high-impact innovations and solutions for sustainable production and consumption.

Voices of New Economies (2015)

A set of interviews giving voice to innovative Canadian leaders advancing more sustainable, just, democratic and inclusive economies.


enviroFund 2018 – 2022 Lighter Living Impact (2023)

See how the enviroFund has helped make a difference across British Columbia.

Fostering and Communicating Sustainable Lifestyles (2016) 

Learn effective communication, framing and engagement strategies to consider when developing campaigns and initiatives related to sustainable lifestyles.

City Strategy for Achieving Lighter Footprints (2017)

Recommendations for how the City of Vancouver, Canada can take bold steps to enable its residents to live sustainably.

Consumer Information Programme & Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme: Connections and Differences (2021)

Helping governments and practitioners in the field of sustainable production and consumption compare two key programs of the One Planet Network.

Local Governments and the Sharing Economy (2015)

A roadmap for local governments across North America to strategically engage with the sharing economy and foster more sustainable cities.

Sustainable Production and Consumption Framing Research Summary (2015)

A summary of the state of Canadian and U.S. public opinion around sustainable production and consumption issues, with implications for communications and engagement.


Webinar: Neighbourhood Action Guide (2022)

Learn how you can make a difference where you live by engaging your neighbours in fun and inspiring lighter living actions.

Webinar: What Sparks Lighter Living in BC? Launching 7 Motivations (2021)

Explore 7 motivations driving residents of British Columbia, Canada to take actions aligned with lighter living.

The Captured Futures of Climate Politics with Dr. Maarten Hajer (2022)

A Dutch perspective on the country’s decision to tackle the climate crisis, part of a series of public talks in Vancouver, Canada with acclaimed experts from the Netherlands.

Webinar: Getting Serious About Living: 1.5-degree Lifestyles and Opportunities – One Planet Network (2020)

Leaders in the field reflect on how to harness the window of opportunity to drive change for healthier, more sustainable living.

Webinar: Tell Me More and (Maybe) I’ll Do It: Consumer Information for Sustainable Decisions – One Planet Network (2020)

Learn about the important role that consumer information, such as ecolabels and apps, can play in helping you make more sustainable decisions in your life.

Catalysing Our Net Zero Future: Working with People to Take Action on Climate Change – UN COP26 (2021; starts at 28:05)

Explore the spectrum of actions you can take on climate, from adopting a low-carbon lifestyle, to changing social and cultural norms, to pushing for systemic change.

Webinar: Ambitious Lifestyles and Behaviour Changes for Justice, Nature and Climate (2021)

A call to action for Canadian funders and changemakers to build support for greater action and resources on Fair Earth Living through a funder collaborative.

Sustainable Lifestyles & Circular Economy: Canadian Insights on Motivations – World Circular Economy Forum (2020)

OneEarth Living and partners shed light on what motivates people to engage in sustainable living actions.

Webinar: Local Governments Advancing Sustainable Consumption – Stockholm Environment Institute (2020)

Showcasing the opportunities and challenges that local governments face in advancing sustainable consumption in their communities.

Circularity in Our Day-to-Day Lives: Life Transitions – World Circular Economy Forum (2019)

Explore how our consumption patterns must change in order to meet challenging emission reduction goals, and how to take advantage of life transitions to shift to low-impact daily living.

Lighter Living: Better Everyday Lives for People and the Planet (2019)

An evening of inspiring talks and interactive dialogue on mainstreaming environmental sustainability into our daily lives, including talks from local innovators and footprint founder Bill Rees.

Voices of New Economies (2015)

The voices of innovative leaders who recognize that the ecological, social and financial cost of our current conomic system are unsustainable – and who are finding different paths forward. 


OneEarth Living Initiatives

Beacon for Sustainable Living 

The Beacon supports those leading the way on sustainable lifestyles by shining a light on fresh, bold solutions and creative strategies. 

Fair Earth Living Funders Collaborative

Engaging funders and changemakers to think strategically, collaborate, and build support for greater action and resources through cultural, lifestyles and behaviour changes for climate, justice and nature.

IMAGE Sustainable Lifestyles

An international effort to rework a popular climate model to add actions towards sustainable lifestyles and behaviours.

Disruptive Imaginings

A global campaign to move beyond negative stories about the future and to create attractive visions of sustainable futures – in particular sustainable lifestyles.

One Planet BC

Helping communities across British Columbia, Canada take action towards one-planet living through a collaborative approach. 

One Planet Saanich

Engaging schools, businesses and community groups in the District of Saanich, British Columbia to collaborate and create their own One Planet Action Plans.

Partners and Collaborators

MakeWay Foundation

Building partnerships and solutions to help nature and communities thrive through a shared platform, donor-advised funds and collaboratives.

Hot or Cool Institute

Equipping organisations, policy makers, and communities with the science to inform their decisions towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

Vancity Credit Union

Canada’s largest community credit union, committed to a clean and fair world, with innovative products and partnerships to address members’ needs.


Empowering young people in Vancouver, Canada to be civically active and build leadership skills to advance a resilient, sustainable and livable city. 

National Zero Waste Council

Bringing together thought leaders, innovators and change makers to advance waste prevention and the circular economy in Canada.

Share Reuse Repair Initiative

Bringing together government, business and community innovators to build a culture and economy of sharing, reuse and repair in the Greater Vancouver region of Canada.