Lighter Living 28-Day Action Groups

Facilitating a 28-day program of impactful actions on lighter living


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  • C40 Cities

Are you concerned about climate change? Biodiversity loss? Social justice? Do you want to take dedicated action and explore how to really make a difference?

Join a Lighter Living Action Group

Sign up for a free 28-day program of taking impactful action, alongside others and facilitated by the OneEarth Living team. Watch your footprint reduce and your community grow!

Join us for a Fall 2023 group

By joining a Lighter Living Action Group, you participate in a full month of daily action-taking on personal sustainability and community betterment – with measurable results in reducing your carbon and ecological footprints in key areas like food, energy, transport and “stuff”.

Time Commitment:

  • Completing 5 actions a week for 4 weeks (could range from 30 seconds to 15+ minutes)
  • A kick-off session at the beginning of the program
  • A halfway catch-up/call to check in on progress
  • An end-of-month celebration!

​​How will my group work?

As you embark on your month-long lighter living journey, you’ll stay connected with the group using a shared Slack channel, posting your actions and receiving tips and feedback from the facilitators. (If you’re located in southwest British Columbia, you can use the Lighter Footprint App to calculate your footprint and measure progress, based on the local science.)

Four Weeks of Impact

Week l: As a group, you’ll meet for 90 minutes to discuss questions, share ideas, create community and understand how individual lighter living actions can support wider change. This is the perfect time to ask questions, brainstorm ideas and set goals for the coming month.

Week 2: Having taken at least 10 actions in two weeks, you’ll meet again to share stories, offer updates and plan for the remainder of the month.

Week 3: This week could also be your midway meet-up. Otherwise, it will be lighter living actions as usual!

Week 4: The month will come to an end with a final group meeting. This is a time to reflect, share successes and failures, and plan for continuing your commitment into the future.

Making Impact Day by Day

The new Lighter Footprint App will help us on our journey together. Based on the footprint numbers for British Columbia and developed by the BCIT Centre for Ecocities and Etho Studio, the app is designed to help all of us build better habits – for ourselves and the planet. 

The app will help you make changes that improve your life, and the environment. Together, we’ll see how little habits can make a big difference. ​

You will:

1) Take a quiz
Complete a fun, ten minute quiz that helps set your baseline ecological footprint, and clarify what matters to you.
2) Set your goals
Complete a fun, ten minute quiz that helps set your baseline ecological footprint, and clarify what matters to you.
3) Track your progress
Complete a fun, ten minute quiz that helps set your baseline ecological footprint, and clarify what matters to you.

Adapted from Shift Australia

The Lighter Living Action Groups are adapted from the effective Shift Australia program, created and run by OneEarth Living Associate Fergus Kinnaird. Shift Australia delivers a facilitated group-based behaviour change program and has honed the model and its impact measurement. The Shift model is purposefully issue-agnostic – bound only to actions that promote a just, sustainable and inclusive society.

Resources for Inspiration and Action

The Footprint App will give you lots of tips and ideas. You can also look through these OneEarth action packs:

Neighbourhood Lighter Living Action

Engage with your neighbours in climate – and planet – friendly living for all. Explore our 7 action packs covering topics from food and energy to community connection.

7 Motivations for Lighter Living Action

Find out the WHYs behind our sustainable everyday actions and what this new research means for mainstreaming sustainable living.

Sustainable Lifestyles: Options and Opportunities

Take actions together to minimize footprints and maximize impacts.

Project Team

Dagmar Timmer

Fergus Kinnaird

Lisa Mastny

Edna Catumbela