Thriving in balance with nature

We are part of nature: the ways we eat, travel, live, work and consume impact the ecosystems that give us life.

Globally we consume energy and materials – and produce waste – as if we had 1.75 planets. We are running a deficit. Let’s get our footprint back in balance. 

Join us to support low-impact ways of living that are good for people and the planet.

Lifestyle changes are an untapped opportunity to move quickly on social justice and the triple planetary crises of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.



Lifestyles and behaviour changes can result in a 40-70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 with the right policies, infrastructure and technology in place. 

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – 2022

What we do

OneEarth Living is a nonprofit ‘think and do tank’ advancing sustainable everyday living around the world.

Our activities:

Field building
We develop ideas and accelerate action for sustainable living.

Evidence-based action
We connect research and practice.

Strategic support
We equip key actors with strategies and tools.

Scalable solutions
We craft narratives and innovate programs that inspire change at scale.

We do this work in bold and warm-hearted collaboration with partners in many countries.

Our strategy

We focus on the following strategic priority areas that define our work:

Featured projects, news and stories

Big Life Changes

OneEarth Living, Hot or Cool and the BCIT Centre for Ecocities are working with C40 Cities to develop a Guide for climate action on urban consumption.

Beacon for Sustainable Living

Supporting those leading the way on sustainable lifestyles by shining a light on fresh, bold solutions and creative strategies – both to raise the ambition and to shift the discourse and action.

Neighbourhood Action on Lighter Living

Make a difference where you live by engaging your neighbours in fun and inspiring lighter living actions – including high-impact actions in areas like food, energy and community connection.

C40 Cities: Thriving Cities Initiative

Piloting new tools for municipalities that foster collaborative action towards socially just and ecologically safe cities, supporting holistic thinking, governance and policy.

Fair Earth Living

Engaging funders and philanthropists in Canada to explore the role of cultural, lifestyle and behaviour changes for climate, justice and nature.

Recently released

How to Talk with Policymakers About 1.5 Degree Lifestyles (2022)

A toolkit for communicating lifestyle and behaviour changes to inspire bold climate action in the European Union.

Recently released

enviroFund 2018 – 2022 Lighter Living Impact (2023)

See how the enviroFund has helped make a difference across British Columbia.


What you can do

Join us in advancing sustainable living solutions.

Who we are

Get to know the team behind OneEarth Living. 

Dr. Vanessa Timmer


Social change expert passionate about positive, compelling visions of life in sustainable futures.

Dagmar Timmer


 25+ years of sustainability expertise, building from her early career working on forest conservation across the tropics.

Dr. William E. (Bill) Rees

DIRECTOR | Co-Founder

Inventor of the ‘ecological footprint’ and award-winning ecological economist.

Our partners & funders

 Let’s collaborate! We work with partners making a difference across the planet.